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FIXED 3D Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone X/XS/11 Pro, black

FIXED Full-Cover is a high-quality tempered glass and an ideal choice to protect your phone’s display. Prevent it from getting scratched or cracked and ensure it will work reliably for a long period of time. A special 3D glass technology is designed speci...

EAN: 8591680078530



FIXED Full Cover 2,5D Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone X/XS/11 Pro, black

High-quality FIXED Full-Cover tempered glass with full-surface adhesion ensures maximum protection of your mobile phone display. It will prevent possible damage in the form of cracked or scratched display. Thanks to the 2.5D design, the glass covers the e...

EAN: 8591680112463

FIXED 2,5D Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone X/XS/11 Pro

High-quality tempered glass with a thickness of 0.33 mm for maximum protection of the display of your device. The glass has high touch sensitivity, offers easy installation and 100% transparency. It is an oleophobic glass (i.e. repels oily substances and ...

EAN: 8591680116225

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