FIXED FIT for Apple iPhone 6/6S, red

FIXED FIT for Apple iPhone 6/6S, red
Czech hand made


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The hand-sewn case from Prostějov FIXED FIT is an elegant and practical accessory for your mobile phone. Quality PU leather in combination with stitched edges make FIXED FIT a case that will catch your eye at first glance. It will provide sufficient protection for your phone for everyday wear, and at the same time it boasts a stylish design and perfect workmanship. Each of the FIXED FIT cases is created in a Prostějov sewing workshop with a long tradition. Quality materials from leading processors, precise handwork and careful output control give rise to an original accessory that will serve you for many years. The case is designed exactly to suit the phone model, the internal gel tray copies the shape of the device and leaves free access to all controls, connectors and the camera. The front hinged part securely protects the display and is secured by closing on a magnet. After opening the case, you will find a pocket for credit cards and a larger pocket for banknotes on the inside. If you are looking for a high-quality, precisely made and at the same time practical Czech-made case for your phone, FIXED FIT is the right choice.

- stylish book case
- handmade from Prostějov
- material: quality PU leather + gel tray
- designed exactly for the phone
- access to all controls and connectors
- pocket for credit cards + larger pocket for banknotes
- protects against mechanical damage and dirt
- closing on a magnet
- completely made in the Czech Republic




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Czech hand made:  czech_hand_made

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